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 Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)

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Do you like the sights of the G36C?
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PostSubject: Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)   Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) EmptyThu Nov 15, 2007 11:45 pm

Cell phone after damage (old cellphone btw) (from point blank and from twenty feet) (the screen is like that because I shot it while it was on )

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2445

Table of Contents

Real Steel History
Why I bought this gun
First impressions
What’s in the box
Gun’s Body
Magazine well
Battery compartment
Basic Internal knowledge
Pros and Cons
Accessories recommended

Real Steel History

The G36 is a German 5.56 mm assault rifle, designed in the early 1990s by a team of engineers from Heckler & Koch GmbH (HK) and accepted into service with the German Army in 1995, replacing the 7.62 mm G3 automatic rifle. The G36C otherwise known as the G36 "Commando" is a compact version of the G36. It is a very reliable, accurate, and powerful gun with low recoil. It features a collapsible stock that folds to the side which makes it ideal for CQC. The G36C (C – Compact) is a further development of the G36K. It has a short barrel and a shorter (than the G36K), 4-prong open-type flash suppressor. The use of a reduced length 228 mm barrel forced designers to move the gas block closer to the muzzle end and a shortened gas piston was used. The handguard and stock were also reduced in length and the fixed carry handle (with optical sights) was replaced with a carry handle with an integrated MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail. The carbine was equipped with rail-mounted iron sights that consist of a hooded front post and a flip rear aperture sight.

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) HK_G36C


I ordered this gun at and I received it exactly on time. Since I live on the west side of the United States, I received this gun in only two days from when it was shipped. The total order took about 4 days, but it may take longer for other people since ASGI is located in California. They were quick and easy to deal with. I cannot comment on their customer service since I did not have any issues.


Echo 1 is a company that rebrands guns otherwise known as a "rebrander." They take guns from other companies such as JG and add trademarks and some internal parts such as metal bushings. They are known for high quality guns for a very low price. While quality is not as good as brands such as TM, they are great guns for beginners and people who want a great performing, cheap, reliable gun.

Why I bought this gun

I was in need of a good gun and I didn't want another springer. I saw E1 AEGs on shortyusa and found reviews of them youtube by airsoftreports. Since it was the overall best performer out of the MP5 and M4, I decided to buy it. I like the look of the G36C and it has great features such as the foldable stock which is why I decided to purchase it. I was leaning towards the M4, but after seeing how it was not as good of a performer as the G36C I decided I would not buy it. The M4 is also not as durable as the G36C which was one of many other reasons why I decided not to purchase it.

First Impressions

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030003

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030018

The box is a nice shade of dark blue with a picture of a G36C on the front. The box is labeled “X36C” for licensing reasons. The gun was in perfect condition and thankfully no items were missing. I was very impressed at the weight and overall solid feel of the gun. No creaks or bends on this gun because it's solid as a rock. The body looks like it can take some serious abuse, but this shouldn't make you be careless with your gun. Take care of your gun and it will last a while. I was also impressed with the E1 emblem that was placed on the rear sight. It is a faint silver white color that does make the gun look cooler. Overall, very pleased.

What's in the box

A 470 round magazine, a wall charger, an 8.4 volt 1100 MAH battery, some cheap bbs (don’t use them), a manual, and a jamming rod. I suggest you get a smart charger so you don’t fry your battery.


Stock extended
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2394

Magazine removed
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2396

Stock folded
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2397

Right side of the gun with stock folded
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030006

Stock release button and rear sling mount
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030012

Front sling mount
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030013

Fire selector switch (ambidextrous)
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030016

Trigger assembly
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030019

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030022
The bolt is ambidextrous
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030021

When the bolt is pulled back it reveals the hop up
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030024

Very sturdy, no creaks or bends. The plastic feels VERY durable and there is a decent amount of metal on the gun. One thing that disappointed me was that the carrying handle was plastic. There are few metal parts on this gun, which isn’t that big a deal because the ABS plastic is extremely durable. The metal parts include: muzzle, trigger, front sight, rear sight, stock release button, bottom R.I.S. rail, fire selector switch, and front sling mount.
The selector switch is a little sloppy, but can be locked into place fine. It’s just a little tough to set it from safety to single. The stock is solid as a rock and won’t go anywhere when it is extended or folded. When it is folded to the side, it locks into place on a “catch” and feels very sturdy. This gun is great for CQC because it is very compact especially when the stock is folded.
The charging handle is ambidextrous. To expose the hop-up, simply pull back the charging handle and the hop-up is inside a metal “door” on the right side. The charging handle is not very strong, so I wouldn't recommend snapping it forward a lot. (it is fun to snap it forward though) There are two R.I.S. rails, one on the bottom of the foregrip and one on the carrying handle. There are holes for screws to mount more rails on the sides of the gun.



Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2426

Yes, these are the two different apertures (the one on the top is off-centered just to let you know)

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2428

Decent, but I recommend some sort of an optical attachment such as a red dot scope.
The apertures are almost identical and they seem to be meant for quick sighting in close quarters. The front and rear sights are metal which is good, but they really do not give the user very precise shots.


Hop up wheel
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2422

When the bolt is pulled back the hop up is revealed
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030024

Very easy to adjust and dial in, but it may be a little awkward in the heat of battle because you need to hold the cocking handle back. This gun is very accurate and has great range. The gun is dead on within 100 feet, but you can still hit targets up to about 150 feet without too much trouble.


Mag well
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030009

right side of the mag
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030007

Left side of the mag
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030014

Top of the mag
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030010

Winding wheel
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030008

Mag release switch
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030015

The G36C comes standard with a 470 round mag. It requires a fair amount of winding. What is unique about this magazine is that one full wind is all you need. (You can fire the whole mag) The lost 20 shots don’t feed, so it really holds only 450 or so. (keep in mind all high caps do this) This is the best high cap mag I have seen/used. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is black. The real G36 mag is see through, this one is solid black. Not a big deal, but it makes it less realistic. (You can always buy other mags that are see through)
What's nice about all G36 mags is that you can clamp them together, so you don't need a mag clamp or a mag pouch. My gun was not feeding well on full auto, so I sprayed some silicon lube into the feeding well and the mag itself. It now performs flawlessly.


Battery compartment
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2446


Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2450

Image showing correctly placed battery
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030005

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) DSCF2447

This is designed very well and the wiring is thick and of high quality. The fuse is easy to access because it is located in the battery compartment on the right side. A very nice feature. I found it hard to push the cotter pin out and to lock it back in. (You have to use a jamming rod to push it out) It is tricky trying to put the battery in for the first time, but is easy after a couple of tries. One of the reasons why it was hard to put the battery in was because I had the safety plug on the end of the barrel. This makes it harder to slide the front part of the gun back on. Just remember to pull the plug off when installing the battery. (The manual is also helpful on installing the battery)


One of the first things people ask is how fast and accurate does the gun shoot?

This gun performs very well and is able to hit man sized targets at 150 feet. From 75 feet, I can hit a 4 inch target almost every time with .2 gram bbs. The gun almost penetrates the bottom of a soda can, putting it under 385 fps. It goes through both sides of a soda can, so it is probably around 350 fps. The ROF is excellent with the stock battery and is perfect for me. (not too fast where you run out of ammo instantly and not too slow) The ROF with the stock battery is in the ranges of about 800-850.

Basic Internal Knowledge

The E1 G36C uses a Version 3 gearbox (V3) and comes standard with an M110 spring, steel gears, poly carbonate piston, metal spring guide, metal bushings, and 16 gauge wiring. (Taken from


Good quality high cap mag
Comes with battery
VERY powerful
VERY strong body
Foldable stock
Some metal parts
High ROF
Cheap price for such a high quality gun ($145 at
High quality gearbox
Rails for mounting scopes and foregrips
PERFECT weight
Rubber pad on stock
Very comfy to hold
Hop up is easy to adjust
Mags clamp together


Not free
Decent sights
The real G36 mag is see through, this one is solid black
Not a whole lot of metal
Charging handle feels flimsy
It has a “plastic” look to it, meaning it doesn’t exactly look like a real gun.

Accessories recommended

Red dot scope
A foregrip
Side arm could come in handy (I would just get an extra mag)
Possibly another high cap, or just a mid cap (if you play longer games)

A bigger battery (for people who play longer games) (I believe the stock battery lasts about 1100 shots)



This is a great weapon and is IMO the best out of all the E1 guns. I would probably not buy this gun again because G&G has released a plastic body M4 which is more expensive, but well worth the money. (it also does not come with a battery) If G&G had not released the plastic body M4, I would MOST CERTAINLY buy this gun again. I am very satisfied with this weapon. So far it's holding up great and I've put about 6000 rounds through it. A great gun that needs no upgrades and will last a long time if one keeps it stock.

My gun with a full metal Leapers Red/Green Dot sight and a UTG foregrip. They both work excellently and the scope is 100x more accurate then the iron sights.
Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) 2008_01030017

They can be purchased at

Red dot scope- $30

Foregrip- $15

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PostSubject: Re: Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)   Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) EmptyFri Nov 16, 2007 4:27 pm

Good job!

A few things-Just in case you dont know, NO high-cap magazines can fire the last 20 or so rounds because there is nothing pushing them up the magazine.
If you want to fully empty it, shoot up-side down after a game in a safe area.

Also, I agree with pretty much everything you have, except for the sites.
While they arent the best, they arent horrid.

Other than that, excellent!

I hate that cotter pin!!!. Though it does keep it locked in well.

And the stock isnt that hard to adjust, or maybe I am just way to strong for you guys. Smile

You also might want to put up pics of the battery and the inside of the battery compartment, etc.

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What do you mean there arent any girls here?

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PostSubject: Re: Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)   Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) EmptyFri Nov 16, 2007 4:30 pm

alright, will do
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PostSubject: Re: Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)   Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) EmptySat Dec 01, 2007 11:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)   Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) EmptySun Dec 02, 2007 7:46 am

Nice review! Very Happy

Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED) Megadeth_logo1see
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Echo 1 G36C (UPDATED)
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