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 SL9 revamp

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SL9 revamp Empty
PostSubject: SL9 revamp   SL9 revamp EmptyThu Jan 03, 2008 2:34 pm

Wandering around the internet today, I stumbled across the BE (Both Elephant) SL9. It's apparently available with a Plastic or metal gearbox, and comes in at around $100 USD.

Now I know that BE isn't exactly what we might call a "High Quality Airsoft Gun Company," but an SL9 for $100 or less? You can't really beat that price...

So... If I were to buy this, I'd probably use it until it died on the inside, and then replace the guts with... Maybe some Echo1 or CA parts (or G&G, if they're available)... But I could use a little help as to starting.

Apparently it's based on the BE XM-8, so mags are an issue. Perhaps the $10 Echo 1 Magwell replacement from ASGI could remedy this?

Yeah, I know, I should just get something else... But I love the way the SL9 looks, and I don't want to cough up $300+ for a CA one... at least not right now...

The SL9:
On shorty:
And the Magwell:
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SL9 revamp
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