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 UHC M1911A1 pistol

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PostSubject: UHC M1911A1 pistol   UHC M1911A1 pistol EmptySun Sep 16, 2007 12:12 pm

INTRODUCTION: I purchased this airsoft pistol from my nearest airsoft store(Airsoft Knoxville) because I needed I good, reliable spring pistol, and from the reviews I read and watched, I decided the 1911 was the obvious choice. It was a fairly cheap gun, about $20.(Sorry, but I don't have any pics in this review because I don't have a digital camera, but i'll try to describe everything as best I can.)

THE BOX: Nothing really special here, but the box had the UHC logo at the top left corner, and had a the Neonfire logo in the center of the box, with a picture of a Berreta 92 and a USP in the background. Also, on the far right side of the box, there is a sticker that says "Heavy Weight" on it.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Ok, enough about the box, let's get into some details about the gun itself. I bought the silver version of the 1911, because I thought it looked pretty cool. When I asked if I could see the gun at the store, they took it out of the case and handed it to me. I was suprised by the gun's weight. It is the heaviest spring pistol i've ever handled, as the gun has weights placed throughout the internals. The gun itself weighs about 1.5 lbs unloaded. The gun doesn't have any trademarks or logos on it. The metal parts include: trigger, the screws on the grips(obviously), and most of the internals. The gun also has a functional grip and thoumb safety. With the thumb safety on, you can't pull the slide back at all. The grip safety is a nice touch to the gun, as you can't pull the trigger unless the gun is held fairly tight. The gun's iron sights are pretty small, but they do their job well.

THE MAGAZINES: The magazines for the UHC 1911 are pretty nice, they are weighted and hold about 22 rounds, and you have to load the BBs in one at a time. And since I can lose count of stuff very very easily, I usually just load in 20 BBs. One downside about the magazines, though, is that they rattle if shaken. It is actually the ONLY part of the gun that makes any noise when shaken. Buying extra magazines will probably be very useful in a skirmish.

PERFORMANCE: This gun has a pretty decent FPS with .12 gram BBs, about 260 FPS. But I wouldn't reccomend .12 gram, unless you like a jammed gun. With .2 gram, the FPS drops to about 180-200 FPS, but if you're shot, it feels way more powerful than that! This gun can, and will leave welts! As for the range and accuracy, this weapon really shines! The range is about 100-120 feet max, while the effective range is about 80-90 feet, and that's pretty good for such a cheap gun. As for accuracy, this is probably the most accurate pistol that I have ever used. While I was shooting at a target that came with the gun, I recieved 3" groupings at 50 feet. It can hit a quarter from 30 feet away with a little practice. Overall, this gun performs very well!

FIELD STRIPPING: Ok, this will be hard to explain without pics, but all you have to do is pull out the field stripping pin, and you can take the slide right off. Although, I was too chicken to take it apart any more since I just got the gun. If you want a more in-depth field stripping guide, go to

CONCLUSION: The UHC 1911 spring pistol is a very excellent gun for the price. If you are a target shooter, or just need a good sidearm, you won't go wrong with this gun!


.Cool lokking

.Good weight

.Awesome accuracy

.Good range

.Good power with .12 gram (Although they could jam the gun)

.Hard hitter with .2 gram

.Great magazine capacity

.Metal trigger


.Can be field stripped


.Not extremely powerful with .2 gram (The range and accuracy make up for it, though.)

.Magazine rattles quite a bit. (Not a huge problem)

.Iron sights are small

.No locking slide

.Magazines load BBs one at a time

.No trademarks
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UHC M1911A1 pistol
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