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 My Ride From Outer Space

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My Ride From Outer Space Empty
PostSubject: My Ride From Outer Space   My Ride From Outer Space EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 2:20 am

Well light my afterburners, I'm a bullet whizzin' by,
I'll go 0 to 60 lightyears in the blink of an alien eye.
I'm in a shakin', bakin', stakin', smokin', light speed vertical climb,
If I was going any faster I'd be going back in time.
Leavin' nothing but a vapor trace.

Spoken: In my ride from outer space.


I can bang shift through a nebula and slingshot round the sun
Don't look no further baby, cuz you know I'm number 1!
I'm chopped and flamed and bobbed and filled, you've GOT to trick it out,
When I burn through your dimension, you'll know what it's all about.
I can tell, girl, from that look there on your face.

Spoken: You're diggin' my ride from outer space!
You know you're diggin' it baby.

My ride from outer space,
My ride from outer space.


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My Ride From Outer Space
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