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 Six state-run universities

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Six state-run universities Empty
PostSubject: Six state-run universities   Six state-run universities EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 3:52 am

Six state-run universities serve Cameroon's student population. More than 60,000 students were enrolled for the 19981999 school year. A council of deans, school directors, and representatives of state ministries governs the schools under the leadership of a vice-chancellor. State funding for universities is low, and student registrations nominally make up 25% of the higher education budget. However, students have fought these fees since their introduction in 1993. Universities have resisted the urge to increase the selectiveness of admissions in an effort to increase revenue from student fees, and the student populations have increased well beyond the 5,000 they were built to educate. Likewise, cuts in faculty salaries in 1993 made it difficult to find and keep qualified staff.[34]

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Six state-run universities
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